We are excited to introduce the TracTive eX-PERIENCE Suspension Kit with newly developed Electronic Preload Adjuster for the BMW R1250 GS and BMW R1250 GS Adventure. This Plug & Play suspension kit is designed to elevate performance, handling and comfort for touring and adventure riders.


Drawing upon decades of experience in electronic suspension for racing, street and off-road use, TracTive R&D has developed a line of Plug & Play electronic shocks featuring top-tier components and technologies. Including the TracTive DDA Valve and the new TracTive EPA.

With the new TracTive eX-PERIENCE shock absorbers, BMW R1250 GS riders will enjoy enhanced stability and control, boosting their confidence to tackle even the most challenging trails and roads with ease.



Key features

Key features of the TracTive eX-PERIENCE Suspension Kit for the BMW R1250 GS / GSA include:


Electric Preload Adjustment (EPA)

The rear shock absorber features a new electric preload adjuster housed in a sleek CNC machined casing that enhances durability and waterproofing. Our TracTive EPA is also fully serviceable. Since the EPA housing matches the dimensions of the OEM EPA, it won’t interfere with any luggage or accessories you attach to the rear of your motorcycle.

The TracTive EPA integrates seamlessly with the OEM control unit, allowing for easy adjustment. This ensures proper load distribution and optimal balance when carrying luggage or a passenger.



Dynamic Damping Adjustment Valve

The shock absorbers contain the Tractive DDA damping valve (Dynamic Damping Adjustment). The motorbike’s control unit does not notice electrical differences between the original damping valve and the Tractive DDA damping valve. However, the Tractive DDA valve is more stable, has a larger adjustment range and adjusts damping in just 6-10 milliseconds. This is significantly faster than the original valve.

Enhanced Stability and Control

The shocks include high flow 46mm pistons. In addition to facilitating a high oil flow, these piston sizes enables stable and well-controlled damping behavior.

High-Quality Construction

Each component of the suspension kit is crafted from CNC machined premium materials, ensuring durability, reliability, and long-lasting performance even in the most demanding conditions. We use heavy duty components like induction hardened quenched & tempered 42CrMo 16mm piston rods, high quality bearings and stainless steel bushings.



Manually Adjustable Compression and Rebound Damping

Riders can manually fine-tune their high + low speed compression settings on the front and rear to suit their individual preferences and riding style, whether navigating rough off-road terrain or carving through twisty roads.

User-friendly installation

These shock absorbers fit plug & play into the R1250 GS with the original connectors. This ensures that the original controls on the handlebar remain operational. There is no need for a cancelation kit or any other modification to the motorcycle or its wiring harness. The rear shock is designed to use the original rear mudguard.




Various ride height levels

The front and rear shock absorber are available in lower -50mm, -25mm, -15mm, normal or Sport Chassis height for the R1250 GS. For the R1250 GS Adventure we have -75mm, -50mm, -40mm, -25mm and normal versions. Offering ample choices to accommodate riders of all types and sizes.

Service & Warranty

All TracTive products are fully serviceable and include a 2 year warranty.

Black & White Edition



The TracTive eX-PERIENCE BMW R1250 GS Suspension kit is also available in a special Black & White Edition.

In this special edition, every adjustable component crucial for fine-tuning the suspension setup is anodized in a deep black finish. These sleek suspension parts effortlessly integrate with your motorcycle’s aesthetic, no matter its color scheme.

Due to the custom production required, this special Black & White edition will incur an additional cost of €40 (excluding VAT) on top of the recommended retail price.

Find your dealer

The TracTive Suspension Kit for the BMW R1250 GS / GSA is now available for purchase at authorized TracTive dealerships.

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