The design of the car shock absorber range is derived from motorbike racing technology. As an example; the front suspensions are inverted struts with the lowest possible stick slip behaviour, a design based on decennia experience in motorbike racing front forks.


Tractive distributes the largest range of Adventure shocks and closed cartridges for most extreme applications worldwide. Dedicated tuning markets are also being served, for instance the KTM690, Husqvarna 701 and Honda CB500X.


For the Racing range of snowmobile shock absorbers, Tractive has a very strong cooperation with Totaltek kY in Finland. This cooperation started more than 20 yrs ago and since that time the Totaltek and Tractive engineers have been aiming for the highest levels of snowmobile sport.


Tractive Suspension started 1st of June 2010 after WP Suspension moved from the Netherlands to Austria. The ex-WP core development team used this opportunity to start Tractive Suspension. Immediately the staff realised that the future in suspension is in electronically adjustable suspensions, not in marginally optimizing already fine-tuned suspension.

Tractive Autosport Suspension

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6 days ago
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This afternoon we brought back the Ford Focus back to its owners at Mebu. They were really amazed and pleased with the better drivability. They cannot wait to get back on the track.

Vanmiddag hebben wij de fijn rijdende Ford Focus weer terug gebracht naar de heren van Autobedrijf Mebu, zij waren erg verbaast en tevreden. Zij kunnen niet wachten om weer het circuit op te kunnen.

Ford Nederland Ford Focus RS All Ford Focus FORD FOCUS RS-R Ford Focus Ford Focus RS MK3 Owners

1 month ago
Tractive Suspension Acceleration test Nissan GT-R

Tractive Suspension acceleration test Nissan GT-R comparing original shock absorbers with Plug&Play #Tractive shock absorbers and #DSCsport control unit. The Art of Suspension

Nissan Nissan GT-R Lovers Nissan Skyline GT-R Nissan GT-R Lovers (R32-R35) Nissan SkyLine Gt-R35

Acceleration test from 0 km to 100 km of 62 miles/h Original to Tractive 3 setting Comfort/Normal/Sport

1 month ago
DSC Sport

Proudly presenting the newest addition to "Porsches with Tractive Electronic Suspension".
This car will be competing in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge. Included in this Porsche 991 "RS X" are Tractive Autosport Suspension new Porsche 991 dampers together with the Dsc Sport controller module.

#TheArtOfSuspension #Porsche #Porsche991 #Porsche911 #Turbo

DSCsport is proud to be in the new TPC Racing Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational build. Along with Tractive Autosport Suspension and the DSCsport module this cars suspension is second to none. Can't wait to see how it does on the track.

1 month ago
Tractive Suspension brake test Nissan GT-R

Tractive Suspension brake test Nissan GT-R comparing original shock absorbers with Tractive shock absorbers.

2 months ago
Tractive Autosport Suspension

Tractive Ace Technology

2 months ago
Dallara Stradale review: Dallara’s first road car driven

Tractive Autosport Suspension
Zojuist ·
As the designated suspension supplier of the #Dallara #Stradale;
We are proud to share with you, the review of the #TopGear journalist on handling and drivability.

TTS Italia Tractive Autosport Suspension #TheArtOfSuspension

2 months ago
TT Suspension

Not so long ago we posted the Mercedes SLS AMG #Electronic #Dampers.
Past weekend this car had its debut at #Hampton #Downs.
Driving 100 laps and doing 4 heat cycles on a set of soft compound tires.
This car still is punching out qualifying times after an endurance stint of 1 hour with 40 degrees Celcius + track temperature.

#TheArtOfSuspension Tractive Autosport Suspension TT Suspension

100 laps of Hampton Downs and 4 heat cycles on a set of soft compound tyres and still punching out qualifying times at the end of a 1 hour enduro with 40+ degC track temp. Gotta love Tractive Autosport Suspension. Carters Tyres Motorsport GWR Australia

2 months ago

Friday evening with building of the Racing Expo Leeuwarden stand
Racing EXPO Leeuwarden

2 months ago
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More and more Racing teams come to Tractive for their one-off/ special race dampers. In this case, the newest member of the Tractive team came to ask for better suspension for his own Alfa Romeo 155. Lars is working at Tractive since last December as Sales Engineer, primarily focussed on the Dutch market.
With his transition from the EU Alfa Romeo Challenge to the D.N.R.T., he hopes to be fighting for the top spot again. We are convinced our electronic dampers will help him a fair bit in upcoming season.

Tractive Autosport Suspension Lars van 't Veer - Racing ALFA ROMEO Alfa Romeo USA Alfacarparts Corse H&S Corse Circuit Zandvoort

Tractive Motorcycle Suspension

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2 weeks ago
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Weapons being prepared for the IRRC battle of Hengelo!

1 month ago
Rally Raid G 310 GS adventure bike review

Review G310GS suspension.

Nathan Millwards tests full-equipped Rally Raid’s G310GS adventure bike

1 month ago
Overlanders & Adventure Motorcycles Ireland Ltd

Tractive and Touratech Suspension for Rally and Adventure applications

Feast your eyes on the following Rally Raid Products bikes at AMI this weekend!

- G310GS
- CB500X Level 2
- CRF1000L Rally

1 month ago
Touratech Suspension

German explanation about why Touratech / Tractive Suspension. English version:

Reisemotorräder sind ab Werk mit Komponenten ausgestattet die auf 2 Personen mit 75Kg Gewicht inklusive Motorradbekleidung ausgelegt sind. Dazu noch das Reisegepäck, je nach zulässigem Gesamtgewicht. Das bedeutet noch etwas Spielraum wenn sie (nach EU Norm) um die 70 Kilo wiegen. Sobald jedoch das persöhliche Gewicht höher oder Gepäck für eine lange Motorrad-Reise dazu kommt, kommt ein Serien Fahrwerk schnell an seine Grenzen. Das Fahrwerk sollte das Motorrad stabil halten, Komfort und Fahrsicherheit auch beim Bremsen ermöglichen. Diese Belastungen können Ihr Serien-Fahrwerk schnell in den Grenzbereich bringen. Touratech Suspension ist individuell auf Ihre persönliche Zuladung abgestimmt und für Reisemotorräder ausgelegt. Zudem sind Touratech Suspension Komponenten voll Wartungsfähig und müssen bei einem Defekt nicht komplett ausgetauscht werden. Bei regelmäßiger Wartung (ca. nach 30.000 Kilometer) hält ein Touratech Suspension Fahrwerk so lange sie Ihr Motorrad fahren. Mehr infos unter
Video English version:

2 months ago
JJ Suspension

4 months ago

We all wish you a Merry Christmas! A prosperous new year and plenty of safe kilometers!

5 months ago
Tractive Autosport Suspension

To all our enthousiastic customers, partners, suppliers and employees: you all made it worthwile and fun to develop and supply our products in 2017. Thank you! Let us make together 2018 into another succesful, exciting and active year !

To all our enthousiastic customers, partners, suppliers and employees: you all made it worthwile and fun to develop and supply our products in 2017. Thank you! Let us make together 2018 into another succesful, exciting and active year !
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6 months ago

Macau GP 2017

Tractive Suspension is there to support the heroic riders on one of the world's biggest motorcycle events.