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Tractive at PRI
5 December 2014

Industry Trade Show PRI in Indianapolis Tractive products will be showcased by 2 new partners at the world famous Performance Racing Industry Trade Show PRI in Indianapolis from 11 till 13th December. More news will follow shortly.

Starter award
6 November 2014

Starter award for Tractive Suspension TeamTractive was awarded the Dutch starter-company award 2014. We have achieved so much in the last 4,5 years that we did not realise anymore that we still are considered “starters”. The jury appreciated our unique knowhow in the area of dynamic electronic control of suspension. We are extremily proud. Check the compilation on

BMW M4 Plug&Play suspension
2 November 2014
Plug & Play SuspensionTractive proudly announces the first Plug&Play replacement shocks for the latest BMW M4. This is one of the most advanced electronic suspensions on the market, but we finally achieved to develop suspension with more comfort in comfort mode and more handling in sport plus mode. As far as we are aware, this is a world unique achievement based on the properties of our patented DDA valve. Tests with tuning partners are running and the product will be available soon. In the picture the front Tractive shock: racing inverted strut, integrated acceleration sensor, internal DDA valve, adjustable spring preload, etcetera.

Intermot news: Plug & Travel shocks for F800GS ADV
1 Oktober 2014

Plug & Travel shocks At the Intermot show in Koln 1-5 October, Tractive’s motorcycle partner Touratech AG presented the world first Plug& Travel shock for the electronically adjustable BMW F800GS. This shock has improved performance in offroad while keeping the comfort for street use. As all Tractive-Touratech shocks it is serviceable, tuneable, has a preload adjuster with 15mm stroke and internal PDS system against bottoming. Alsof or the BMW R1200GS Adv 14- with dynamic ESA Tractive now has a solution with better performance and much more tuning possibilities than the original shocks. Also these shocks are worldwide only available from Touratech.

New employee
1 September 2014
Marcel MarsmanAnother expansion, this time with Marcel Marsman, again a very experiencedformer WP colleague. Marcel assembled 17 years different WP suspension products (mainly aftermarket). He is reinforcing our operations team.

First OEM electronic snowmobile suspension LYNX
17 June 2014
snowmobile suspension BRP Lynx and Tractive have developed the world’s first OEM electronic snowmobile suspension for sport and for travel purposes. These will be available in 2015. In the picture the Rear Bogey shock with electronic damping and preload control. Please check below video:

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Tractive Suspension

Tractive develops and assembles high-end shock absorbers for motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV's and niche cars. Tractive supplies these parts through an organized, global network of partners.

Tractive products are characterized by

  • Attractive technical performance
  • Attractive looks
  • Attractive price setting
  • Electronic features

Specialized in

  • Motorcycle shocks like BMW, Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph
  • Snowmobile shocks like Lynx, Ski-Do & Arctic Cat, Polaris
  • Electric Preload Adjustment EPA or ride height adjustment of shocks and front forks
  • Dynamic Damping adjustment DDA: semi-active control using sensor input and/or adaptive push-of-the-button
  • Total electronic control of the vehicle with the Tractive Control Unit TCU
  • Engineering & sourcing projects, suspension projects
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