Toyota Yaris GR

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Touring line kit for the Toyota Yaris GR.

We wanted to maximize its performance, driveability that would suit all drivers and road conditions. The result: a semi-active Touring line kit.

The Yaris GR is now running our semi-active ACE (Active Controlled Electronics) system. This is our standalone system and makes adjustments for you based on g-force input. It’s controlled thru our centrally mounted controller and can be adjusted thru a touchscreen. You can adjust front and rear axle damping individually.

What makes it unique is the adjustments you can do for anti-roll and anti-pitch control. The system controls unwanted body movement when it’s needed the most!

The front dampers are inverted and utilize a 38mm piston to maximize stiffness and we use the stock top mounts for ease of installation. We’ve built in camber adjustment on the lower bracket to allow fine tuning of the alignment.

The rear shocks are full alloy body with a 46mm piston. The rear spring sits on the original position with a height adjuster.

The kit allows you to drop or raise the car. We allow lowering of 30mm front and rear maximum. Raising the car is set to a maximum of 10mm above stock height.