We are proud to present the TracTive X-Treme Pro Suspension Kit for the Aprilia Tuareg 660, designed to enhance performance, handling and comfort for adventure riders.

The Aprilia Tuareg 660 has already captivated adventure motorcycle enthusiasts with its powerful engine and balanced chassis.

Now, with the introduction of the TracTive X-Treme Pro cartridges and rear shock absorber, Tuareg 660 riders will experience improved stability and control, boosting confidence to effortlessly conquer challenging terrains.

Key features

Key features of the TracTive Suspension Kit for the Aprilia Tuareg 660 include:

Adjustable Compression and Rebound Damping

Riders can fine-tune their high + low speed compression and rebound settings on the front and rear to suit their individual preferences and riding style, whether navigating rough off-road terrain or carving through twisty roads.

Anti-bottoming systems

The shock absorber features a PDSII system and the cartridges include a hydraulic end stop. These systems act as a cushion to absorb high levels of incoming energy and prevent harsh bottoming, enhancing comfort and safety.

Enhanced Stability and Control

The X-Treme Pro rear shock includes a high flow 46mm piston while the Closed Cartridge kit features a big 35mm piston, the largest piston among all aftermarket suspension suppliers. In addition to facilitating a high oil flow, these piston sizes enables stable and well-controlled damping behavior.

High-Quality Construction

Each component of the suspension kit is crafted from CNC machined premium materials, ensuring durability, reliability, and long-lasting performance even in the most demanding conditions. All TracTive products are fully serviceable and include a 2 year warranty.

Precise preload adjustment

The rear shock absorber is available with or without Hydraulic Preload Adjuster(HPA). The HPA can be precisely adjusted with 10 mm adjustment range.

Both cartridge legs allow preload adjustments of up to 12 mm. This easy adjustment capability facilitates load compensation and optimal balance, whether carrying luggage or a passenger.

Various ride height levels

The Cartridges and rear shock absorber are available in low -20mm, normal or increased +20mm ride height. Offering ample choices to accommodate riders of all types and sizes.

Black & White Edition

The Aprilia Tuareg 660 X-Treme Pro kit is also available in a special Black & White Edition.

In this special edition, every adjustable element essential for fine-tuning the suspension setup is anodized with a deep black finish. These stealthy suspension components seamlessly blend with your motorcycle’s aesthetic, regardless of its color scheme.

Because it needs to be specially produced on order, this special Black & White edition will cost an additional €40 ex VAT on top of the RRP.

Find your dealer

The TracTive Suspension Kit for the Aprilia Tuareg 660 is now available for purchase at authorized TracTive dealerships.

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