Sponsorship Porsche Motorsport’s 911 Challenge

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TracTive Suspension is lucky to have a very driven partner in the United Kingdom: Steve Bennett represent TracTive Suspension UK. In just a year he set up a market to be proud. This time we want to talk about the sponsorship of Porsche Club GB Motorsport’s 911 Challenge.

Steve Bennet hand over a TracTive Trophy.
Steve Bennett (left) handling over the TracTive Trophy to Tim Bates, winner of the Silverstone round of the 911 Challenge.

How did TracTive Suspension became Title Sponsor for Porsche Club GB Motorsport’s 911 Challenge race series?

Negotiations started with Chris Prudent of PCGB Motorsport late December 2020. Eventually I had enough of a proposal to contact TracTive BV prior to being signed off by the Porsche Club GB board. This essentially involved being the main Title Sponsors for the exciting new 911 Challenge race series involving older air-cooled 911’s form early ’65 2.0L Cup cars, G-series, 964 and now 993 models, with a view to revive the Pirelli Porsche Classic race series which ran for several seasons in the ’80’s.

TracTive B.V. have been responsible for developing a special lightweight, low friction One-Way race suspension kit for each one of these cars and Active Controlled Electronic (ACE) kits for the Open Class cars.

TracTive branding will also be prominently displayed at each of PCGB’s 21 nationally organised annual track days. This was the perfect environment to showcase what we could offer Porsche owners who were looking for the perfect handling upgrade for their Road/Track cars.

Currently we have cars running in both Class 1 & Class 2 of the Championship and it has been recently confirmed that TracTive will be the new Control Damper for Class 3 in 2022!

Porsche Club GB Motorsport's 911 Challenge
Photo taken by Gary Hawkins

What is your next challenge?

I’ve got plans to work with specialist suspension guru’s to help develop extremely modified Nissan GTR Road/Track/quarter-mile cars. I also would like to start looking at Super & Hyper cars such as McLaren, Lamborghini and Ferrari.

As an example, our Touring Line Plug & Play replacement ACE kits for Porsche GT models deliberately gives owners the option of reusing their existing OE monoball top mounts. This option ensures our active controlled, adaptive kits remain competitively priced. Able to offer a wider damping range, faster reaction times and keeps your car’s intelligent PASM safety systems enabled.

TracTive never stands still and is constantly innovating.

As a polar opposite, I see enormous opportunities across re-imagined Land Rover Defender builders. These specialist builders can take advantage and just as the Porsche rebuilders have been able to, can now offer a truly unique selling point to their discerning clientele.