TT Racing

For the Racing range of snowmobile shock absorbers, Tractive has a very strong cooperation with Totaltek kY in Finland. This cooperation started more than 20 yrs ago and since that time the Totaltek and Tractive engineers have been aiming for the highest levels of snowmobile sport. In 2010 Totaltek became Tractive’s first Aftermarket customer. So the Tractive shock absorbers have been developed right from the beginning also for snowmobile use. Totaltek focusses on the application engineering  for racing, while Tractive provides the designs and components. All this experience and focus resulted in the 2016 Snow cross championships in the 2nd place for FIM World Championship (Aki Pihlaja, Finland, Lynx) and 1st place in the FIM European Championship (Martin Moland, Norway, Arctic Cat). Shock absorbers are distributed by Totaltek kY in Scandinavia. Tractive is working on representation in the North-American market (USA, Canada).


Tractive is worldwide the only manufacturer of electronic suspension for snowmobiles. The system can be used for sport applications with automatic handling features (damping is adapted automatically based on 3 axis accelerometer, other sensor inputs and chosen program) of for touring/adventure applications (adjust level of damping from comfort till sport or compensate passenger or luggage weight by electronic preload adjustment). The BRP Lynx factory in Rovaniemi Finland uses these semi-active systems for e.g. the Rave and Grand Tourer models.