BMW K1600 GTL 2017-

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Plug & Play Upgrade shock absorber with electronic damping adjustment.

46mm piston diameter – Standard – Designed to use Original Preload Adjuster (not included)

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This shock absorber uses a damping shim stack specifically developed for its application, high flow pistons, low friction seals, microfinished induction hardened quenched&tempered 16mm 42CrMo piston rods, best quality bearings and stainless steel bushings. Every shock can be opened and serviced, or tuned for the customer’s application. The Exchange shocks use the best damping actuator (stepper motor) available on the market and fits plug&play to the motorbike controls.

This shock absorber fits plug and play into the motorbike with the original connector. This ensures that the original controls on the handlebar remain operational. There is no need for a cancelation kit or any other modification to the motorbike or its wiring harness. The shock absorber contains the Tractive DDA damping valve (Dynamic Damping Adjustment). The motorbike’s control unit does not notice electrical differences between the original damping valve and the Tractive DDA damping valve. However, the Tractive DDA valve is more stable, has a larger adjustment range and adjusts faster than the orginal valve.

The main advantage of a damper with an external reservoir is that the shock absorber contains significantly more oil and also shows significantly more cooling surface than a shock absorber without a reservoir. It additonally offers the tuning capabilities to control the compression (ingoing) oil flow. Two separate adjusters control the damping respectivily at low shock absorber speed (slow undulations in the track/road) and at high shock absorber speed (sudden bumps or holes). The fixed piggybag fits nicely within the motorbike frame.