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BMW S1000XR Front Cartridge kit eX-CELLENT

BMW S1000XR 2020-

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Plug & Play high performance closed cartridge with electronic damping. Manual preload adjustment. With top out spring

35mm piston diameter – Closed cartridge – Standard – With top out spring

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These cartridges fit right into the fork legs without modifications to the fork. The cartridges are closed, meaning that the cartridge is like a separate, pressurised shock absorber inside the fork with its own damping oil for optimal handling. The products were originally developed in close cooperation with adventure riders, world travelers and rally riders. The products have proven their value over the years: hugely improved handling while retaining comfort during long travels. This is certainly also due to the huge size of piston used: 35 mm diameter. This size of piston is the largest of all aftermarket suspension providers. Apart from a high oil flow, this piston size allows for a stable, well-controlled damping behaviour. The size of the internal bore also allows to use electronic adjustments. Later on the cartridges have been further developed for use in road racing. Again the cartridge design has proven to be stable and finely adjustable. Every cartridge can be easily opened and serviced. Or the damping can be tuned for the customer’s application. Spring rate, spring preload and air chamber are easily modified, there is for every product a range of springs available pending on loading and application. Every cover cap contains a dearation screw to remove an excess of foam and air.

These cartridges fit plug and play into the motorbike with the original connector. There is no need for cancelation kits or other modifications to the motorbike or its wiring harness. The motorbike’s control unit does not notice electrical differences between the original damping valve and the Tractive DDA damping valve. However, the Tractive DDA vale is more stable, has a larger adjustment range and adjusts faster than the orginal valve.

Inside the cartridge are top out springs that create an easier moving fork for accelerating out of corners. This results in a longer grip and prevents the bike from going into a headshake.