Touring Line | Stand-alone electronically adjustable shocks

RRP EUR 4295,00 (excl. VAT) Sales only through our dealers

Stand-alone ACE Control System. Required for all Stand-alone ACE applications. Comes as complete kit consisting of TracTive Controller, Wiring Harness and Touchscreen Display

Front: 43mm Inverted McPherson clamp mount shock – 7075 aluminium Stabilizer bracket included – 54,9mm clamp only – PASM cars only – OE top mount to be re-used – 4WD included

Rear: 46mm Fork to Pin shock – PASM cars only – OE top mount to be re-used – 4WD included – Rubber shock boots included

4WD chassis only – Standalone TracTive Controller, wiring harness and touchscreen display, not required for PASM cars


TracTive Stand-alone ACE Control System.

This system is required for all Stand-alone ACE suspension kits and is to be ordered seperately.

For every application the damping level and damping adjustment range is set-up from factory. It is possible to tune the damping level if required.

The display allows you to tune the suspension to almost any application by controlling roll, pitch and dive motions of the vehicle. The motion of the vehicle is monitored by a g-sensor integrated in the control unit, which is to be installed close to the center of gravity of the vehicle. The calibration is set up in the factory and can be updated if required.

The stand-alone control system comes with a touch screen display that allows the driver to make on-the-fly adjustments, save settings and even make driver-specific setups. The driver is able to adjust the damping of the front and rear axle in 5 levels, but also the suspension resistance to roll, and pitch/dive in 5 levels. The display can be centrally mounted for easy access. The kit includes a remote knob that can be centrally mounted for easy access.