Track Line | Plug&Play electronic suspension kit

RRP EUR 5695 (excl. VAT) Sales only through our dealers

Plug & Play electronically-adjustable shocks. High-tech electronic, replacement suspensions for a car fitted from factory with specific electronic suspension systems. The add-on control unit allows tuning (not included).

Front: 43mm Inverted McPherson shock - Adjustable top mount - 7075 aluminium Stabilizer bracket included - Camber bushings for bracket included - Replacement hub bracket bolts included - Stainless steel brakeline brackets included

Rear: 46mm shock - True coilover rear - Clevis to OE style mount aluminium - OE springs should be removed

True coilover rear, including new rear upper shock mount, Magneride only - Requires DSC Sport Controller to run with OE systems (not included)
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