We’re proud to announce our latest collaboration with Wunderlich: Wunderlich Suspension – powered by TracTive. This new suspension line is the outcome of a close partnership between TracTive Suspension from the Netherlands and Wunderlich.

TracTive Suspension has been at the forefront of suspension technology since 2010, setting new standards in the Motorcycle, Sports car, and Snowmobile markets with our development and production of aftermarket and specialized OEM suspension solutions.



Wunderlich, renowned for its premium BMW motorcycle accessories, has expanded its expertise in recent years to include a diverse range of accessories for other leading brands such as Harley-Davidson and Ducati.

This collaboration has enabled the creation of the Wunderlich Suspension – powered by TracTive, providing high-quality suspension components tailored to various motorcycle brands and models, including but not limited to BMW, Harley-Davidson, Ducati and Yamaha.


TracTive Electronic Suspension

Drawing upon decades of experience in electronic suspension for racing and off-road use, TracTive R&D has developed a line of Plug & Play electronic shocks and fork cartridges featuring top-tier components and technologies.

At the heart of these electronic dampers lies TracTive’s patented Dynamic Damping Adjustment (DDA) valve. Compared to the factory valve found in OEM electronic suspension systems, TracTive’s DDA valve features a broader and faster adjustment range, adjusting damping in just 6-10 milliseconds.



The quality of the DDA valve is superior to the OEM valves in terms of both control range and speed, resulting in enhanced damping dynamics. Produced in small series with meticulous attention to detail, consistent quality at the highest level is ensured.

TracTive tailors the DDA valve to specific purposes such as sport, touring, or adventure, ensuring a perfect match for desired damping characteristics. Additionally, these components can be effortlessly replaced with the original suspension components, providing a seamless plug & play experience.


Individual suspension customization

Customizing individual suspensions at Wunderlich Suspension requires careful consideration of factors such as the driver’s weight, potential passenger weight, and luggage, as well as their driving style, whether it’s sporty or touring.

To facilitate this customization process, Wunderlich kindly requests your personal driving profile specifications. This information is crucial not only for selecting the appropriate front and rear suspension elements but also for ensuring a well-behaved and, most importantly, safe driving experience in everyday situations.



Upgrade your riding experience

Should the factory suspension not align with your preferences or if the entire suspension on older bikes is outdated or worn out, Wunderlich Suspension – powered by TracTive offers a high-quality solution for a fully customized upgrade.

With the Wunderlich powered by TracTive line, Wunderlich provides individually tailored solutions aimed at taking your riding experience to the next level.

For more information about the Wunderlich powered by TracTive Suspension line please visit: