A growing segment is the TT racing productline. These top-of-the-line products excel in superior traction and precise adjustability. The shock absorbers are based on our 4616 design, damping triple adjustable, preload adjustable. For the front we use closed cartridges 3510 with compression adjustment one leg, reb adjustment one leg and preload adjustment both legs. For the BMW S1000RR we use Plug&Race electronic shock absorbers and cartridges.


Application list

Brand Type Model Yrs Type Artn Description
Yamaha R1 15-17 shock 46YA15-T8210 YAMAHA R1 2015-2016 COMP
Yamaha R1 15-17 cartridge 35YA15-D8310 YAM.R1 2015- COMP
Yamaha R6 06-17 shock 46YA15-T8112 YAMAHA R6 2010-2017
Suzuki 1000GSXR 11-16 shock 46SU12-T8208 SUZ.GSX-R1000 2012- 2016 COMP
Suzuki 1000GSXR 17- shock 46SU17-T8211 SUZ.GSX-R1000 2017- COMP
Suzuki 1000GSXR 11-17 cartridge 35SU12-D8308 SUZ. GSXR1000 2012-2017 COMP
Kawasaki ZX10R 16- shock 46KA16-T4208 KAW.ZX10R 2016-
Ducati Panigale 1299 16- shock 46DU16-T8204 Ducati Panigale 2016->
Ducati Panigale 1299 16- cartridge 35DU16-D8304 Ducati Panigale 2016->
BMW S1000RR 09-14 shock 46BM09-T8111 BMW S1000RR 2009-2014
BMW S1000RR 09-14 cartridge 35BM09-D8311 BMW S1000RR 2009-2014
BMW HP4 13 shock PnP 46BM13-P8137 BMW HP4 2013-2014 COMP
BMW HP4 13 cartridge PnP 35BM13-P8337 BMW HP4 2013-2014 COMP
BMW S1000RR 15- shock PnP 46BM15-P8176 BMW S1000RR 2015-
BMW S1000RR 15- cartridge PnP 35BM15-P8376 BMW S1000RR 2015-
BMW S1000RR 15- shock 46BM15-T8276 BMW S1000RR 2015-
BMW S1000RR 15- cartridge 35BM15-D8376 BMW S1000RR 2015-