Some tuners and motorcycle manufacturers like CCM prefer our suspension. We use the same high end components as in all our other motorcycle products. For those tuners and manufacturers where performance is more important than low cost, Tractive can supply value for money.
For example CCM choose for the GP450 Adventure bike for a high end, triple adjustable shock from Tractive, with optional lowering, preload adjuster and stiffer/softer springs. Due to the modular design and flexible organisation, the bike is supplied with a customer specific shock.

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Electronic submodules

Tractive supplies electronic submodules to 1st Tier shock absorber manufacturers. The most known example is the exclusive relation with VRM (Marzocchi) in Italy. Tractive supplies all patented DDA valves for the semiactive Marzocchi suspension products.

In the cooperation Marzocchi will develop and assemble OEM suspension solutions for high-end motorcycle customers. VRM has access to the Tractive DDA Dynamic Damping Adjustment valve and other technologies. Tractive will concentrate on Aftermarket and Racing applications.

Handshake on the cooperation VRM – Tractive. From left to right R. Jacobs (Owner Tractive), Mr Vanzetto (Owner VRM), T. Glazemakers