As the name indicates, this configuration makes you experience the possibilities of tuning your suspension. The X-PERIENCE shock is therefore the optimal choice for customers that use varying tracks including occasional offroad tracks.

This next step in the product line-up includes an external canister. The most important benefit of using a canister is that the shock absorber contains more oil and has a larger cooling surface. Therefore the damping remains stable and the oil lasts longer. There is a huge additional benefit: additional oil flow regulators in the oil flow from shock absorber housing to canister. TracTive has designed the shock absorbers in such a way that these adjuster knobs only function for the oil flow in the compression direction. These Low Speed LS and High Speed LS adjusters have no relation to the motorbike speed, but indicate the shock absorber movement velocity. Adjustable high-speed and low-speed compression damping controls allow for absolute control in varying track conditions.

Again these components are intended for Adventure use. The canister is forged from one piece of aluminum. This serves to minimize the risk for gas leakage. All internal oil channels have been designed to cope with large oil flows typical for offroad use. The oil flow restriction is in the adjuster mechanisms only. For hose-canisters TracTive designed its own fittings with larger internal bore diameters, typically 100% larger in internal cross section area than what non-Adventure brands offer.

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