For customers that do not ride extreme offroad and do not need to tune the shock for different tracks, this shock absorber is the perfect product for an upgrade of the stock shock.

The shock absorber has one adjustment knob for the damping, mostly an Allen key adjuster. Although this is called a rebound adjustment, it not only controls the damping in rebound direction. Also the damping in compression direction is adjusted in a natural balance.

When the shock is equipped with a hydraulic preload adjuster, the name X-CITE-PA is used. In case the shock does not have a mechanical damping adjuster, and the adjustment is electronically, the indication eX-CITE is used.

A shock absorber contains oil and a pressurised gas, mostly nitrogen. When the oil and the gas are not in separated volumes in the shock absorber, the oil and gas will mix and turn into an emulsion. Shocks in which this takes place are called emulsion shocks. Wherever possible, the TracTive shocks are equipped with an internal separation piston to separate the oil from the nitrogen gas to prevent an emulsion from being created. It makes the shock more expensive to manufacture, but its damping will be much more stable because the piston is moving in oil only and the heat transfer through oil only is better.

Is a shock with a separation piston always better? For some shocks the separation piston is a limitation for the stroke of the shock absorber and therefore constitutes a limitation for the wheel travel. In such cases, TracTive chooses to use emulsion shocks in order to not compromise the travel. A separation piston can also create a form of friction (resistance to movement). For applications where low slipstick is more important than off-road capability, TracTive may also consider using emulsion shocks. For example for a road motorbike, a front shock in emulsion will most likely be the suitable choice, whereas a rear adventure shock in an adventure shock will almost always show a separation piston.

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