These shocks are the optimum choice for those customers who often ride offroad and value what good suspension can bring to their comfort and safety. In construction they are identical to the X-PERIENCE shocks, but they are equipped with a secondary damping system at the end of the stroke, a so-called PDSII system (Position-dependent Damping System). It acts as a hydraulic cushion at the end of the stroke and protects the rider, the frame and the mounting bolts against hard bottoming. This system is based on a secondary piston moving into a cup. In only creates this damping at high speed movements in compression direction. This video shows the function of a X-TREME-PA shock absorber.

Note : If the shock absorber is long, and the stroke relative short, it is sometimes feasible to position the canister and the LS/HS adjusters internally. Technically this so-called Inline shock is identical to an X-PERIENCE or X-TREME shock, but it is far easier to be installed in a motorbike.

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