These coil over kits including springs and top mounts and are available in manually adjustable and in an electronic version. The manual version is available in one way and three way.

Depending the car model the electronic version is available in a standalone kit or in a plug and play version:

  • Plug&play in cooperation with DSCsport, USA. For example Porsche models with PASM, the stock suspension control box is replaced with the DSCsport module, and the shock shocks are being replaced by the Tractive shock absorbers. You still can use the original button on your dash board, but instead of shifting between passive suspension settings, one now selects a program mode that uses many sensor inputs available from the CANBUS. The customer can use pre-set programs or modify to personal preferences.
    For models with front inverted struts (all Porsches), a lift kit can be added, controlled from the DSCsport module.
    Available models are all modern Porsches, Nissan GTR, Dodge Viper, Chevrolet Corvette C7, Ford Mustang, Ford Focus RS, Camaro.
  • Plug&play. For some cars Tractive can apply a plug&play shock absorber set like for the BMW M3/M4.
  • For cars without original electronic shock absorber layout Tractive has a standalone system which is available for road and track use; ACE (Activity Controlled Electronic) Suspension.

For the electronic shocks there are a number of add-on options like extra canisters for more thermal stability, extra canisters with LS/HS compression adjusters, drybreaks.

Model List


In cooperation with tuners we can develop private label product lines like the Xida gen2 for the Mazda MX5 NA, NB and ND (949 racing).