TracTive Touring line products are developed for dual purpose cars that can benefit from a better suspension package. The vehicle leaving the production line of the original manufacturer is full of compromises when you look into performance. The vehicle should be drivable for anyone.

The development of a new suspension package often begins with a thorough driving session with the original vehicle. Data is recorded to determine which suspension alterations would be beneficial to this vehicle.
First prototypes are made and the vehicle is extensively driven to see if any fine-tuning is required. In some cases, partners, customers and, or end-users are involved in this prototype phase.

Our Touring line products are developed to work best at set-ups close to OE specifications.
Driving tests are made to assure all is working well. Different ride height and damper settings are driven to make sure our customers have enough safe adjustability within our Touring line package.


TracTive ACE technology (Active Controlled Electronic) creates the ability to have a compliant, forgiving and comfortable car for daily commute while, with a push of a button, the vehicle can transform to active and responsive for fast road and even an occasional track day.
This change is possible due to the patented TracTive DDA Valve, which can benefit of a large damping adjustment range within milliseconds.
The vehicles movements are measured, using this information, each damper is individually controlled. Dependent on setting, this can result from a comfortable but safe set-up to a sporty and responsive set-up.


TracTive One-Way dampers are based on the knowledge obtained while developing the TracTive ACE set. One-Way dampers are build using the same high-end components as the TracTive ACE dampers. One-Way dampers are executed with 20 clicks, which will adjust both rebound and compression damping.

The TracTive Touring line dampers come with the following specifications:

  • Inverted 43mm McPherson struts where applicable
  • 38mm piston for inverted and specific rear shocks
  • 46mm piston for Multilink suspension and similar
  • 16mm spindle for maximum strength and rigidity
  • Damper made for fitment of OEM top mounts where applicable
  • Formed springs for selected applications with fixed springs rates
  • Racing springs for selected applications with customizable spring rates
  • ACE or One-Way dampers
  • Steel McPherson struts with adjustable 7075 aluminum mounting bracket
  • 7075 aluminum ARB where applicable