Using the same components from our Touring and Road/Track product line we develop shock absorbers perfectly suitable for the high end car manufacturer or tuner.

These can be active electronic suspension systems like in the VLF Force F1, in cooperation with DSCsport (USA)

Or the suspension for the Dallara Stradale (Italy), in a baseline version with a manual preload/height adjustment or in an optional road/track version with three-way adjustable damping and electronic height adjustment (road and track height).

Another option is a rigid, light-weight, sporty suspension in the Mazzanti Evantra (Italy), 4 corners inverted struts, preload manually adjustable, damping three-way adjustable.

Or reliable triple adjustable competition shocks like the ones used in grass cross (UK)

Please contact us for any request.

Force F1 in cooperation with DSCsport (USA)

Mazzanti Evantra (Italy)

Bennet Build grass cross (UK)

Dallara Stradale