Product lines, cooperation with partners

The Tractive Team developed in close cooperation with the Finnish company Totaltek an entire range of snow cross shock absorbers for use under the most extreme low temperature and heaviest duty conditions. This range is supplied under the brand name Totaltek Racing Suspension, design by Tractive. Similar product lines are being developed with other partners.


Engineering & Sourcing

For suspension companies or vehicle manufacturers it is possible to hire some of the most experienced suspension engineers for Engineering or Sourcing projects. In Sourcing, Tractive has a wide network in Europe and Asia. Some examples of projects in 2010 and 2011 are:

  • Engineering car shock absorbers in Europe;
  • Engineering upside down front fork and mono shock absorber for Asian customer;
  • Sourcing suppliers for alu forging and PM parts in Taiwan;
  • Supplier Quality Development front fork components in Japan.

Special Projects

The Tractive modular building system can be used for aftermarket shocks but also for your dedicated tailor made products or limited OEM series. The Tractive team would be happy to be challenged to realise sSpecial projects Tractive Suspensionuspension projects with high requirements. Currently our modular system has proven its functionality and reliability on road, at the road race track, under extreme off road conditions and in serious snow.

For the well-known company Touratech Tractive Suspension developed an enduro version of the F 800 GS shock absorber. Special features compared to the standard shock are longer length, adjustable length, Low speed and High speed compression adjustment, progressive damping system and a new rotatable hose with maximized flow. This F 800 GS conversion will be used by the Touratech racing team in the "Dawn to Dusk" 12 hour enduro competition in Wales, UK.

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