Tractive shocks are based on a modular system. Meaning that almost any shock absorber for all possible application can be built using parts of our top engineered and validated modular parts.

Tractive utilizes only best materials, top suppliers and highest available technologies. All basic components are manufactured from the highest quality aluminum alloys or stainless steel. The piston rods are made from CrMo alloy to achieve the best possible strength and ductility at the lowest possible weight. Springs are wound from the most superior material available on the market featuring lightest weight at longest life. 

Tractive shocks are based on 4616 system, meaning a piston diameter of 46 mm and a piston rod of 16mm. Dimensions that guarantee a perfect balance between performance, endurance and adjustability.

Additionally the following features are available on almost all Tractive shocks.

  • Length adjustment M20 x 1
  • Hydraulic PA ( preload adjuster ) travel 15 mm
  • Position dependent damping system against bottoming

Please check all available models, configurations and features on the page "Model Range". This page is update regularly with new models.


The basic version of the Tractive shock features a single tube geometry with spring preload and damping adjustable. This can be a shock absorber of emulsion type or with a separation piston.

A more extended version is equipped with an external reservoir, rebound and compression high and low speed adjustable.




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