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1-2-2014 New employees at Tractive
Due to expansion of its production quantity, Tractive's Operations team is reinforced with two experienced new team members: Marco te Braake and Maxum Sastrodimedjo (Max). Both bring a wealth of production experience acquired during many years in the former WP shock absorber factory Netherlands.

Marco te Braake Max Sastrodimedjo

7-1-2014 ABE Approval for electronic Touratech Suspension by Tractive
Tractive suspension received the well-known German ABE approval for its electronic Touratech Suspension, developed in partnership with and distributed by Touratech. This approval is valid for a number of Adventure & Touring motorcycles with plug&play or standalone active electronic suspension. There was already an ABE for the non-electronic Touratech Suspension shocks. Details will follow.

10-12-2013 Creventic and Tractive Suspension will participate in Dubai 24h Endurance race
Tractive SuspensionTractive ACE technology will be used in Creventic's Audi R8 and Seat Leon during the Dubai 24h Endurance Race in January 2014. The Ace Technology actively improves the roll and pitch/dive behaviour. The shocks also have a reservoir with manual LS and HS compression adjusters to finetune for track conditions.

6-12-2013 Plug and Play shock absorbers for Nissan GTR
Plug and Play shock absorberTractive Suspension presents the world first aftermarket shocks compatible with the Nissan GTR board system. Depending on the choosen driver modus, these coil-over shocks show better comfort and at the same time more sporty behavior than the original OEM shocks, less weight because of aluminum body, adjustable ride height, … The shocks can optionally be extended with reservoirs and Low Speed and High Speed compression adjusters for optimal fine tuning. It is also possible to control the shocks using the Tractive standalone ACE (Activily Controlled Electronics) Technology for active assistance during braking, curving or accelerating. Available in winter 2014

6-12-2013 Touratech Plug&Travel shocks for BMW R1200GS 13 at Long Beach IMS Show
Touratech USA displays the Plug & Travel shocks for the BMW R1200GS, the worlds first and Touratech Plug&Travel shocksonly real aftermarket system that works with stock controls and ride modes on the BMW R1200GS 13- Over-sized 46mm damping piston for cooler temperatures and reliable damping, large oil reservoir and floating piston design for smooth and consistent performance, adjustable high & low speed compression damping for maximum tunability, fully serviceable for long life and consistent performance. Damping set up for fully-loaded R1200GS right out-of-the-box. Available in a range of spring rates to match the rider's weight requirements

29-11-2013 HTAS Verified II Closure Event
BMWIn cooperation with partners TNO and NXP (former Philips Semiconductors) Tractive and Technical University Eindhoven (TUE) developed active damping for this BMW. The VERIFIED project addresses concepts that lead to functional, safe and robust integrated vehicle systems in a cost-effective way, while decreasing development time.The final demonstration in this BMW was 29-11-2013 in Traffic port, Venlo.

23-11-2013 CCM displays the GP450 at Birmingham NEC Motorcylce live show with Tractive shocks
Tractive ShockThe GP450 shock is developed for adventure use combining off-road robustness, light weight, plush damping and full adjustability. The robustness is found in the stainless steel bushings, the16 mm dia induction hardened Chrome-Molybdenum piston rods, 46 mm damping piston, uniball bearings of best quality, etcetera. In order to keep the shock light the body is made from upset forged aluminium T6 heat treated, all other components are also from alu. The sealing system is meant specifically for this market: high endurance and low friction. The GP450 shock is available in various spring rates to match the rider's weight, optionally an (electric) preload adjuster can be used.

Even HRH Prince William tested our shock. for some footage of the NEC show.

23-11-2013 Touratech Suspension by Tractive novelties at EICMA 2013
Touratech Suspension Touratech has presented the latest novelties in Touratech Suspension at EICMA 2013:

  • Plug & travel shocks for the BMW R1200GS 13-. The worlds first and only real aftermarket system that works with stock controls and ride modes on the BMW R1200GS 13-
  • Extreme shocks for theBMW F800GS Adventure with inline Reservoir: optimal packaging, installing and robustness. The compression adjusters are conveniently placed on the shock absorber body.
  • Extreme non-electronic shocks for the BMW R1200GS 13-

On the picture Wim Peters(founder of WP, currently at Ohlins) checking our products.

15-9-2013 First aftermarket shock for HP4
Aftermarket shock for HP4Tractive proudly presents the first aftermarket plug&play shock for the BMW HP4. This shock absorber can be connected directly to the motorbike controls. The large piston diameter 46mm yields better balance and stability (original 40 mm). The Tractive Dynamic Damping Action DDA valve is direct proportional; faster and more stable response than the original Sachs CDC. The compression adjusters LS / HS allow for tuning for every track and driving condition. Personalised spring and damping setup is possible.

15-9-2013 First electronic aftermarket shocks for BMW S1000RR
Electronic aftermarket shocks for BMW S1000RRThis electronic suspension updates your S1000RR suspension to HP4 level. It shows same advantages as the HP4 Plug&play shock, but uses a control unit and remote control. The driver can control during driving damping level in 5 levels depending on track and weather conditions. Using the Ace function driver can tune for for optimal pitch and dive. More stability during braking and accelerating: later breaking before bends and earlier acceleration after bends Can be extended in future with active control of fork cartridge.

9-9-2013 Creventic Audi R8 with Tractive electronic ACE suspension in Barcelona 24 hours
Audi R8 Tractive Suspension and Creventic have tested the standalone ACE suspension technology for the first time in a race car, an Audi R8 on the Zolder circuit in Belgium.

The suspension improves actively the roll and pitch/dive behaviour. The car also drove the 24 hr Endurance race of Barcelona and will participate in the Dubai 24 hrs.

Creventic organises worldwide endurance races.

15-7-2013 Tractive and RallyRaid develop suspension range for KTM 690
Suspension range for KTM 690 Tractive Suspension and Rally Raid UK developed a full suspension range for the KTM 690 especially for rallye and enduro use. The range has shoch absorbers with preload adjuster, shock absorbers with increased stroke/length, shock absorbers with internal PDS system, preload adjusters and fork length extention kits. More info.



Tractive Suspension and Ghezzi-Brian together developed the new GHEZZI-BRIAN MOTARD V-TWIN. Tractive Suspension supplies the rear shock with dynamic electronic damping technology. More info on or in the coming days on this website page "Electronic Adjustments".

17-6-2012 BMW Garmisch-Partenkirchen 2012 6-8 july
BMW Garmisch-Partenkirchen 2012After the successful Travel event at Touratech Niedereschach, Tractive will be present at Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Join us at the Touratech site with any suspension question. On the site there will also be demonstrations with electronic suspension adjustment like EPA for ride height control of F800GS but also R1200GS.


10-6-2012 Husqvarna Nuda at Erzberg
Erzberg RodeoThe Touratech Racing team has participated at the extreme Enduro Event Erzberg rally 7-10 juni 2012. Two Nuda 900R have been altered significantly by the development team. One of the changes was to implement special "Touratech Suspension by Tractive" shock absorbers for optimal result. The bikes ended 3rd and 5th in the Category Twin Zylinder for the Generali Iron Road Prologue. More info

4-6-2012 Touratech Travel Event
Touratech Travel EventTractive can be found at the Touratech Travel Event 15-17th June in Niedereschach to exhibit the Touratech Suspension. Everyday there will be a one hour Suspension workshop Touratech Suspension. So anyone with suspension questions, please join us at our stand in Niedereschach or at the workshop.

1-6-2012 Tractive second birthday !! New employee Dirk Janssen !!
Dirk JanssenTractive has now been developing and assembling suspensions during two years. Thanks to the cooperation with European partners Tractive has had the chance to grow from one person in 2010 to the currently 7 fixed and some flexible team members now. In order to cope with the growing customer demands, since first of June Dirk Janssen has joined us in application and production engineering.

7-5-2012 Tractive participates in succesful IPC R&D project "Electrical mobility"
AutomotiveNLIn order to develop electronic suspension systems Tractive participates in a number of R&D projects with partners in Europa. One of these clusters for Electrical mobility was awarded with the first place out of 49 applicants for the 2012 IPC project awards. Together with 11 other high tech, automotive SME companies and 10 Dutch R&D institutes Tractive will develop during two years electronic suspension solutions. The project is organised by Automotive NL, an organisation representing the automotive industry of the Netherlands.

23-4-2012 ABE approval KBA 91335
Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis Very important news for the further evolution of Tractive!!! The Tractive motorbike shock absorber line, Touratech Suspension, has received the German approval "Algemeine BetriebsErlaubniss". This is a reward for the combined efforts of the suspension team at Touratech and Tractive during 2011 and 2012.

18-02-2012 Tractive electronic PA in Wilbers WESA
WilbersBased on the Wilbers ESA system (WESA), Wilbers Products GmbH will be presenting the electronic aftermarket WESA-X shock at the trade fair in Dortmund (hall 4, booth 487 1-4 March). The WESA-X system is based on stepper motor technology for the damping adjustment like used by BMW in ESA. Tractive developed and supplies a special preload adjuster (EPA) for Wilbers for load compensation for example for luggage or passenger. By this cooperation between Wilbers and Tractive the ESA-technology becomes available for many motorbike brands other than BMW, for non-ESA BMW motorbikes or as replacement for BMW ESA shocks.

Januari 2012 Tractive at Munich, Utrecht, Dortmund and Aachen exhibitions
Touratech by Tractive SuspensionDuring the coming months, you can find us at the Motorbike shows in Munich (iMOT, 17-19/2), Utrecht NL (Motorbeurs, 23-26/2), Dortmund (Motorrader, 1-4/3) and Aachen (Megamot, 10-11/3) at the Touratech booth. We will be demonstrating Touratech Suspension and our Tractive electronic suspension products. Contact us at any of these shows about your suspension issues or try the electronic suspension on our demonstration motorbike. This F800GS contains electronic height adjustment and semi-active electronic damping adjustment both in shock and front fork.

EICMA15-12-2011 Tractive & Touratech partnership
During 2011 Touratech AG and Tractive Suspension BV developed and tested together the Touratech Suspension products. The range includes BMW models like R1200GS, R1150GS, R1150GS & R1200GS Adv., F800GS, F650GS, R80/100GS but also models from KTM, Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda. Many more models will follow. These shocks will be distributed through the Touratech network. Depending on motorbike model, there are 1, 2 or 3 levels standard available: Level 1: the perfect replacement shock absorber with separation piston and rebound adjustment High end: the shock absorber for the demanding customer with compression (LS/HS) and rebound adjustment, hydraulic spring preload adjuster Extreme: high end, but extended with length adjustment and PDS In the picture the handshake between Touratech (Herbert Schwarz, Martin Wickert) and Tractive on this cooperation.

EICMA3-11-2011 EICMA 2011
At the EICMA in Milan TractiveSuspension presents a revolutionary electric preload adjuster; the future generation in electronic suspension adjustment is now available. The small powerful package allows accurate ride-height adjustment of 30 till 50 mm in 15 seconds at the heaviest loads. The system is easy to install and fits most motorbikes. Ready to be retrofitted on most shock absorbers, even your own. Check out our movie

Or visit us at the Milan EICMA 2011 at the Touratech stand C26 Pad 14. Touratech AG presents a new high-end shock absorber product line, "Touratech Suspension", designed by Tractive with the Touratech customers in mind. Suspension featuring no compromises on traction, handling, comfort, weight and reliability.

Tractive goes active
Besides the new preload adjuster, Tractive will be presenting at the EICMA a demonstrator bike equipped with electronic damping and height adjustment on the rear shock and front fork. A collection of unique inventions allows riders to transform their bike for serious off road, high speed or winding sections by just pushing a button. Not to mention the endless semi-active possibilities. Try this motorbike at EICMA 2011 C26 Pad 14 and discuss with our experts the applications for your customers!

TUV Nederland18-10-2011 Netherlands, Cuijk
Since the start of Tractive Suspension, we have been working according internal procedures to guarantee the best result for our customers both in aftermarket and OEM. Our quality system was audited today by TUV NL, member of TUV NORD. The auditor recommends that Tractive Suspension be certified for ISO9001:2008. We see this audit result as an award for our efforts towards our customers.

Tractive Suspension BV received the Rabobank LvCM 2011 Innovation Trophy17-8-2011 Netherlands, Cuijk
Tractive Suspension BV received the Rabobank LvCM 2011 Innovation Trophy from the hands of account manager M. Leurs and general manager H. Klijnman. Tractive isInnovation Award 2011 pleased withthis sign of recognition from one ofthelargestbanks of the Netherlands. Tractive Suspension will use the motorbike F 800 GS in the picture to demonstrate our products to customers and journalists. (click the award to enlarge)

Timo Lehto14-8-2011 Finland, Oulu
Yamaha Racing Team Finland top driver Timo Lehto was the first one to win a national championship title with Totaltek / Tractive shock absorbers.

He dominated Finnish quad supermoto championship series all the season and was able to take the title when two races (8/10) were left from the series. His quad has 4616 series three way adjustable shocks in front and rear. All of the shocks have also adjustable length and PDS II-function. With this suspension he was super fast in the track gravel sections and even with more horsepower the competition was not able to pass him on the tarmac part of the track. As so often in motorsport the handling beats horsepower!

26-7-2011 Tractive hoses 100% more oil flow
The oil flow in standard available hoses is limited by the smallest cross sections in the connection pieces. At high shock absorber speeds this leads to a situation where the hose has become the bottleneck for the oil flow instead of the carefully designed damping restrictions.

Tractive Suspension has solved this problem by developing a hose with smallest cross section in the connection piece 100% more than standard hoses, while maintaining same outside geometry, strength and durability. The hose will never more be the bottleneck even at the highest shock travel speeds …

Using rubber sealing in the connection pieces instead of the standard metal rings prevents leakage also under extreme conditions, and allows for higher flexibility using a swiveling connection.

Shocks15-6-2011 Tractive PA kit available for original shocks by Öhlins, WP, KYB, Sachs, Showa, ..
Tractive Suspension has manual hydraulic preload adjusters with 15 mm travel, 50% larger than all known suspension brands, while keeping the same building height. Therefore it fits to almost all motorcycles. The system has been designed such that no failures due to over-pressures can occur, leakages or other kinds of failures are a thing of the past.

The knobs for the preload adjusters are available fixed to the preload adjuster or connected with a hose. The preload adjuster is available as separate kit on original shock absorbers with aluminum or steel shock absorber housing. Picture of PA in KTM SMT bike.

Tractive Suspension on Simako Elst28-5-2011 Tractive Suspension at Simako Elst during the S day
Tractive Suspension is present during the S-day at Simako in Elst.

Tractive Suspension1-4-2011 Tractive Suspension moves up one level.
Friday the 1st of April 2011 the Tractive crew moves to the new building in Cuijk, back to the roots! The people at Tractive now count six in total, all necessary disciplines united ready for the future. The new location for the Tractive company lies in the centre of known territory. Numerous top suppliers for our specialized components and parts all within a five minute drive.


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