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Tractive SuspensionGhezzi-Brian and Tractive developed a DDA rear monoshock to match the dynamic character of the latest Ghezzi Brian Motard V-twin motorcycle based on Moto Guzzi 1200 8 valve technology.

The DDA shock is set up by the rider from the remote control mounted on the handlebar of the motorcycle. The TCU-1 control unit has 9 different modes to tune the feedback, feel and stability of the motorcycle to match riding style or load on the motorcycle. The shock integrated Smart Position Sensor SPS is another Tractive invention. It provides the TCU-1 with accurate measurements at a rate of 25.000 times per second. This way information on the position, the direction (in- or outgoing) and the shock speed is continuously measured and used to modify the damping coefficient in order to improve traction and stability under all conditions. The shock absorber also features a hydraulic preload adjuster to compensate for load and adjust the ride height of the motorcycle with a range of 15 mm on the shock absorber.

Tractive electronic product range Tractive electronic product range

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