Smart Position Sensor (SPS)

Damping Action DDA technologyThe SPS position sensor is integrated in the dirt shield. In combination with the Tractive control units it yields the most accurate and direct information possible on position, direction and speed of the shock absorber movement. In combination with the DDA valve this yields endless possibilities to program the damping dependent on the shock absorber status.


  • Sampling rate of 25.000 times per second
  • Sensor output 0-5 V (effective 0.5-4.5 V)
  • Including absolute and dynamic position convertor
  • Part of the shock, therefore easy to install and package
  • Automatic calibration and function check

Can be used

  • In almost all shocks, front forks and McPherson struts
  • As combined dirt shield and SPS in shock absorbers
  • As SPS integrated inside front fork
  • Position signal for other applications

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SPS sensor integrated into shock absorber

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