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Damping Action DDA technologyTractive's R&D team has put a lot of effort in developing the Dynamic Damping Action DDA technology. Only one internal valve accurately controls 10.000 Newton damping force changes in 10 milliseconds in both ingoing and outgoing direction. Because of the quickest possible response and its stability the Tractive valve opens a new suspension world where compromises are no longer needed. Ultimate comfort when possible, absolute safety when necessary and unlimited traction along the way. The Tractive Suspension DDA valve has been designed to fit any shock absorber, front fork or McPherson strut currently on the market offering tomorrow's technology from today.

Tractive Control unit TCU-1Along with the sophisticated DDA valve technology the Tractive Control unit TCU-1 has been developed to match up with the valve. The DDA shock is set up by the rider from the remote control mounted on the handlebar of the motorcycle. The TCU-1 control unit has 9 different modes for the rider to tune the feedback, feel and stability of the motorcycle to match riding style or load on the motorcycle. Each and every mode is hooked up to in- or external sensors to check the state of the motorcycle and adapt damping values accordingly.

Smart Position SensorOne of those sensors is the shock integrated Smart Position Sensor SPS, another Tractive invention. It provides the TCU-1 with accurate measurements at a rate of 25.000 times per second. This way information on the position, the direction (in- or outgoing) and the shock speed is continuously measured and used to modify the damping coefficient in order to improve traction and stability under all conditions.

Electro hydraulic pumpTractive developed a compact, powerful electro hydraulic pump unit to modify the balance between positive and negative suspension travel by increasing or decreasing the spring preload on motorbike shocks within a range of 15 mm. The system allows adjustments just by push-of-the-button even while riding. The wide range and extremely powerful actuator allow adjustments for the most severe loading conditions. Depending on the type of motorcycle ride height adjustments up to 50 mm can be achieved. The compact and extremely reliable design can be used on almost all motorcycles.

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