Electronic suspension adjustment

During last two years Tractive has developed a modular, semi-active, electronically controlled suspension system . This was first presented on the EICMA show november 2011 on a demonstrator motorbike F800GS. In total 4 patents are pending for damping, height and sensor technology.

The first element to go into production was the electric preload adjuster EPA with an integrated remote control panel. The first applications for damping control are emerging on the market from spring 2012 in different vehicles.

Overview Tractive technologies

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Damping Action DDA technology

Dynamic Damping Action (DDA) valve
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Tractive Control unit TCU-1 Smart Position Sensor (SPS)
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Smart Position Sensor Electric Preload Adjuster (EPA)
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Electro hydraulic pump Control units & Remote control TCU-1/4
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Demonstrator Bike
Demonstrator bike on EICMA 2011

Download EICMA 2011 presentation

Suspension with EPA, SPS and DDA

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