About Tractive Suspension

Tractive Suspension started 1st of June 2010 after the production and R&D departments of WP Suspension moved to Austria. The core development and engineering team took this chance to start Tractive Suspension. The total experience developing High End Aftermarket and OEM suspension products adds up to more than 100 years. In the previous jobs the people at Tractive developed products used for Moto GP, World MX, Super Motard, Trail, ATV, Formula 1, Snowmobiles.

The team developed in the past various types of passive and electronically adjustable suspension components for OEM customers. We engineered, validated and test rode most shocks and front forks used by the most prestigious European and even some far east motorcycle manufacturers. The Tractive team members contributed to the success of more than fifty GP teams and riders like Valentino Rossi, Hans Spaan, Jorge Lorenzo, Max Biaggi, Loris Capirossi, Ralf Waldmann, Troy Bayliss, Pierre Francesco Chili, Jean Michel Bayle, Joël Smets and Michael Schumacher in various disciplines of motorsports.

Starting all over at Tractive Suspension with plenty of relevant experience offered a great opportunity to make a shock absorber using absolute top materials, sealing components, suspension fluids, guiding bushings, springs etcetera.  Today Tractive stands for attractive products providing superior traction, ultimate comfort, precise adjustability and modern design for aftermarket products as well as special OEM series. Thanks to its modular design Tractive is capable of producing shocks for many different motorcycles, snowmobiles, cars and ATV’s in a short lead time. The shock absorbers are equipped with all ways of manual adjustment until the most advanced semi active electronic way of adjustment.


The Tractive Team

Marcel Marsman (10-6-1968)

Marcel MarsmanMember of Application Engineering & Operations team.

From 25th of August 2014 Marcel is reinforcing our Operations team. Like all Tractive employees, also Marcel is a very experienced former WP employee. Marcel assembled 17 years different WP suspension products (mainly aftermarket). Like all his colleagues he loves high-end suspension products and is amazed by the Tractive developments during past years from manual adjustable shocks to fully electronic products.

Marco te Braake (12-11-1974)

Marco te BraakeMember of Application Engineering & Operations team

From 1st of March 2014 Marco is reinforcing our operations team. Since 1994 Marco has been involved in the assembly of front forks, steering dampers, spare parts and shock absorbers at WP. These 16 years experience will be of great use in the expansion of the Tractive Operations team. Since being a kid, Marco has had an interest in the motorsports world, so working at Tractive is like arriving home again.

Besides work at Tractive, Marco spends his time with his family and two lovely daughters.

Rob Jacobs (29-12-1964)

Rob JacobsFounder of Tractive Suspension, Manager OEM & Purchasing @ Tractive Suspension

More than 24 years of suspension experience of which 5 years Grand Prix racing service worldwide and 10 years product engineering for OEM like KTM. Supplier development Europe and worldwide. Projectleader international suspension projects.

Loves participating in classic bike racing, manufactures components and classic bike in his own workshop.

Eric Lindeman (26-1-1963)

Eric LindemanManager R&D @ Tractive Suspension

More than 25 years suspension experience
12 years Grand Prix racing service worldwide
Started and was responsible for the testing department and the R&D department at WP, Inventor  at WP of ESA1, ESA2, ..

Since Tractive started, Eric has only little time left for touring on his R100GS PD, R80 or his R1150R sidecar.

Jochum Rijpma (6-11-1963)

Jochum RijpmaManager Application engineering & Operations @ Tractive Suspension

More than 24 years of suspension experience
Has been technically responsibleat WP  for aftermarket (replacement) suspension for more than 2000 vehicle models. Also experience in OEM engineering for KTM, Buell, Motoguzzi, MUZ, BMW, Bugatti EB110, ...

Enjoys rides on his Suzuki DR800BIG.

Tom Glazemakers (24-2-1971)

Tom GlazenmakersGeneral Manager @ Tractive Suspension

Automotive management functions in Quality and R&D during 15 years, of which 3 years responsible at WP for Quality, Technical departments and International Projects

Has three daughters, so no time for motorbikes…

Theo Theunissen (23-4-1958)

Theo TheunissenMechatronicus, member of the R&D team

Lifelong background of testing and development of electro-mechanical and electronic appliances. About 5 years experience at WP and Tractive in electronic suspension.

Theo (nicknamed Mecha-Theo) is addicted to the perfect electronic solution for any problem. Besides the electronic stuff he rides his Honda VF750For his self-built kit car(LOMAX). During these trips he searches for interesting photos for his collection.

Toon Verhoeven (27-3-1975)

Toon VerhoevenSenior product engineer, member of the R&D team

Toon has over 7 years of WP experience in engineering and developing OEM suspension like the BMW ESA 1 and ESA 2 systems. Previously he worked on chassis design of full suspension racing mountain bikes for 6 years.

Can be found in the wild at local MX tracks riding his Honda CRF450 whenever he has time…

Dirk janssen (3-3-1977)

Dirk JanssenApplication and production engineer, member of Application Engineering & Operations team

Background: Dirk is our youngest team member but already has a wealth of suspension experience, he started in suspension at Race Tech USA R&D (2 years), helped start Race Tech Europe and supported the European dealers with technical service, three years GP racing service for several teams, during two years WP Suspension aftermarket application and test engineer; after WP reorganized one year car shocks at Intrax.

As fanatic a hobby in motocross can get...

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